Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Future of Literature?

Not much traveling of late in the geographical sense...but I do get to "travel" into the world of written works on a daily basis. Here is an interesting passage I found while doing research for a paper. Although I agree with what it says, it makes me happy to know there are a few old souls, like my own, who are dedicated to the old-fashioned aesthetic expressions of reading (and re-reading) and writing.

"Poetry and literature in general with a predominantly aesthetic function (is) losing prestige. In recent decades, because we have been living more obviously in a society dominated by it, the media has been a powerful influence on what we perceive and how we perceive it. It forms our ways of behaving and communicating, it shapes the way we remember things. The tradition of reading things slowly over and over again, which for many centuries was a factor in forming...society, is disappearing. Poetry representing artistic communication has lost its function and is being replaced by other types of art and culture based on the auditory and visual senses, chiefly on the visual. This is a culture mostly disseminated by the mass media, in which precedence is given to rapidly changing and exciting information. These new means of communication, however, do not offer literature any new opportunities to progress."

-Jiří Holý, Writers Under Siege-

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