Friday, June 1, 2012

MeganJeanne Crothers

If you happen to be blessed with the gift of artistic friends, then you can 'travel' into realms of creativity on a regular basis, any time they share their their work with you.

Meet Megan Crothers.  She is a born artist and photographer and has been a hidden talent for far too long.  Megan gathers inspiration from everywhere, but usually happens upon a outlandish outfit or odd prop at a thrift store, and builds a shoot from there.  She is incredibly innovative in achieving a unique shot. She's made a dress out of Polaroid pictures, created a spot light affect by climbing into a park tree with a flash light and snapping the photo simultaneously, made an outfit entirely out of moss, tossed a bucket of water at her photo subject in perfect unison to a timed shutter to capture water in flight, dragged a bathtub to the beach for a whimsical shoot, and even pained a line of blue paint across a model's eyes to create surprising contrast.

Fashion photography is often lumped into the realm of vanity, given a negative connotation.  Few women could say they have not had one point or another felt bad about themselves after flipping through fashion photos in a magazine.  Megan's work, however, proves that fashion photography can be used to bless rather than beat down.

First, her work inspires creativity. She designs characters and narratives without words.  There is a story veiled in each shot, you must reveal it to yourself.  So, viewing her photos is not a passive activity, you naturally engage yourself in them, join in the narrative unspoken.  Put simply: they draw you into their tale.  She takes strange outfits, ugly, thrift-store-bought, and long discarded by their original owner, and transforms them into enviable garments by the way she arranges it on her photo subject.  As an aspiring writer, her artistic outpouring in images has always been contagious to me.  Something about the mood and mystery her photos create inspires me to embark on a poem or prose piece of my own, simply sweeping observers away with her down a stream of creativity. She makes me braver to embrace my own creative voice, less fearful of being thought strange in the way I choose to express myself in words.

Second, her photos bless by request.  Most of her shoots have been of her friends.  Guys and gals who have (for the most part) never been asked to be the subject of a photo shoot in their life.  To be asked alone is a gift, hugely flattering.  Megan truly sees others with the eyes of the Creator.  She sees the beauty in all people, views them as God above does.  With the way she frames the face through angles and lighting she makes them into part of her art.  To be a collaborative element to someone's art...there are few greater gifts to be given.
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*Besides fashion shoots, Megan also does portraits, family photos, baby photos, boudoir, band photos, and engagement photos.

You don't take a photograph, you make it.
~Ansel Adams~