Sunday, October 28, 2012

Point Mugu for a Halloween Prequel

26-29 October 2012

entrance to the beach
Looking for a non-conventional Halloween?  Then convert the night of spook into a weekend getaway into the great
outdoors...even if it needs to occur a few days before the actual holiday.  Our group had a premature celebration of All Hallows Evening via a weekend camp-out at Point Mugu State Park.
views from hiking heights

Point Mugu is minutes from excellent surfs spots (swells depending ;), next door to rocky bluffs with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, adjacent to 70 miles of hiking trails (if you're lucky like we were, you'll have a nature expert to teach you about the local flora around the trails), a short walk to the beach (*side note: if you land a camp site closer to the park entrance you will be lulled to sleep by the sound of ocean waves), just up the road from a giant sand dune, and a great starting point for trail runners and cyclists alike.

After you get small tastes of this smorgasbord of the outdoor activities, your Halloween-weekend will be made complete by a costume party and pumpkin carving beneath the light of a full moon, so pack accordingly.  Several of the families in the sites around us had the same idea: jack-o-lanterns and cloth ghosts hanging from trees accented tent and RV spaces around the park.  Even if you are the only ones costuming out in the woods, almost anything goes in camping, so the sight of our crew marching to the shore line or to the water spout to clean dishes in a collection of unrelated outfits didn't strike anyone around us as all that odd.

 Fire glow, moon beams, the pungent scent of raw pumpkin, and the sound of the gently biting breeze through the trees was the perfect setting for our Halloween Prequel.

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