Saturday, February 23, 2013


often prone to nostalgia, enjoying that lost-in-the-past sort of feeling, i am beginning to capture small, overlooked details that define my daily life in one way or another. i do that in words with blog posts and journal entries, but am starting to do it periodically in photographs as well

this first endeavor is simply details i see often, that i normally don’t stop to think twice about or even note, but they compose the portrait of many walks, morning jobs, and drives from point a to point b. someday, i might struggle to remember this season of my life, and overlooked details captured in images and words will help me travel back to memories of days gone by and nearly forgotten

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hints of Nature in Urbanville

 I feel as though, living in urban Southern California, I’m always pining for an escape to a forest or mountain landscape.  I just want to be in nature, covered by it, drowning in it, and feel that it is so far from where I am. 

Actually, not the case, at least not entirely.  Sure, I can’t be enveloped in a forest glen, at least not within my hometown, but even on an urban hike one can find tiny hints of natural splendor that are worthy of awe and pause.
meep meep!