Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eagle Rock Trail - Topanga State Park, CA

If you find yourself in the Santa Monica area and fancy an taste of the backcountry for a few hours, then Eagle Rock Trail is your ticket.  My friend and I found a useful guide to the trail and how to get to the trail head online, so I won't repeat the details/instructions here.  

But, suffice to say it isn't the most rigorous hike you may undertake in your lifetime, but it also isn't nothing.  There are some hills, which got us to puff a bit while talking as we walked, but nothing too extreme.  We began at 1430ish and finished just before 1715 I believe, so if you have a few hours in the afternoon you can see what we saw.

I highly recommend going on a late November afternoon.  The lighting was spectacular, with our shadows growing long, and the slightly-chilled breeze providing a hint of a true autumn in a geographical location (Southern California) where seasons don't exist in the traditional sense.

What I liked most about the scenery, is it felt a bit like walking into a Steinbeck novel, the amber grasses, gnarled & leaning trees, wooden fences...and we even happened upon two horses grazing in a field.

The view from Eagle Rock itself (and do go up to the top...there is more traction on the rock face than you might think from looking at it) is impressive.  The scope of the canyon below and views of the Pacific Ocean afar (if the day is clear enough) are the perfect backdrop for a picnic lunch.

All-in-all it was a excellent reminder that you can easily (and locally) get a sense of being elsewhere, far from home, far from urbanized civilization...even if only for a few hours.