Saturday, May 3, 2014

Typical SoCal Saturday? - Taco 5K, Orangic Burger Bunker Stay, and Free Comic Day

Just a typical So-Cal Saturday...or...not so much.

My friend and I began with a drive to Long Beach for the 2nd Annual Beer & Taco 5k.  It was an uncommonly warm (sweltering for coastline CA) May morning, and by 9am it was already well over 75 degrees.  The race course is nothing to speak of, really, it is more for the Cinco de Mayo-esk festivities that make the event so popular.  As part of your post-race experience you get a free beer and a free taco...and of course a medal with a beer opener on it.

After the race we drove to LA to get lunch at Pono Burger.  Shortly after you are seated in an old WWII bunker, the interior refinished to be the text book of minimalist-modern, a cheerful waiter (if you get the same one we did) will over-enthusiastically explain almost every menu on the item, emphasizing the organic elements.  Not complaining, but rather stating there was no lack of enthusiasm for the menu offerings.  You can swap out any beef-patty item for a mushroom or turkey alternative.  And I'm a sucker for fennel these days, and they had a fennel salad. And don't overlook the burger with fig-jam nor the strawberry milkshake on the menu either.

After that I headed to Santa Ana to meet two co-workers at Biggy's Comics and Games to partake in Free Comic Day.  The store not only has a great selection of classic and up-and-coming comics, but also has arguably the most welcoming and jocular shop owners ever.  Even if you are not a comic-book aficionado, you should just go to the shop to talk to the owner.  And you might just end up a convert in the process.

I left a happy customer, with 10 items for under $5 dollars after sleuthing through the $1 and 5-for-$1 boxes.

happy comic-book customer

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