Monday, July 7, 2014

Boston on Foot (in a half day)

Let's just say that you are flying in and out of Boston to go elsewhere in the New England area, but that you happen to have about 4 hours of daylight to see a bit of Boston.  "Not enough time to see it properly" you say?  Not true! At least not entirely.

 Fortunate for the on-foot traveler, Boston is a very walkable city and complete with a very walkable and easy-to-follow 'trail' that leads from one historic site to the next.  I was able to see much of Boston and take a walk through American history by following The Freedom Trail. 

Granary Burial Ground

Location of Boston Massacre

The "Old Corner Bookstore" that is part of the Freedom Trail is now a Chipotle, however, very near you'll find Commonwealth Books which is a bookworm haven. Don't miss it.
Commonwealth Books
Besides all the historical monuments/locations you'll take in on the trail, your eyes will feast on Boston's fine architectural delights.  If you are lucky to have the late afternoon light when you are walking about, well, you won't be able to take a bad photograph of the place.


And, since I was fortunate enough to be in Boston on 4th of July Weekend, I happened upon a patriotic-themed sunset concert at Old Ironsides, featuring the Navy Band Northeast, complete with demonstrations of revolutionary-era canon and musket exercises...which wrapped up the bite-of-Boston experience quite nicely.

Old Ironsides (USS Constitution)

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