Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break with Dad (Day 2) - Lake McDonald

Today we returned to Glacier National Park for a day hike around part of the opposite side of Lake McDonald.  We parked our car near a closed gate past the Apgar visitor center and then began hiking towards Fish Creek Campground and then on towards Rocky Point and then a bit beyond that for about 45 more minutes.  We didn't really have an objective in mind, and the trail we were on was 6 miles long, which we didn't have time to do in full, but we were out on the trail for around 4 hours.

We saw only 4 other hikers on the trail today, so, again, it felt we had this bit of Montana wilderness all to ourselves.  Most of the trail went through a forested area had been burned in the 2003 Robert Fire, and there was a lot of evidence of natural regeneration.

No rain today, but the weather was chilly and gloriously overcast.  It caused the mountains to have a deep blue hue, emphasized by the distance.  Their peaks were brilliantly white, a delightful contrasted to the rest of the landscape.

Around 1430 we headed toward the Canadian border, about 2 hours from Glacier National Park.  You pull up to a little drive-through-type window and answer a few questions and then you are on your way, into a new country.  No stamp on the passport though (grumble). 

We got another hour north and then stopped for the night...sight set on Banff National Park for tomorrow.

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