Monday, November 23, 2015

Philippines - Day 6 - 9

Friday - Monday, 20 - 23rd November 2015


We spent our second day in Baguio by walking to Camp John Hayes.  It is a beautiful green-space area on the edge of the city, with loads of pine trees, cabins for rent, and a lot of recreational space.  We happened upon a sign for the “Tree Top Adventure” and then decided on a whim ot just go for a touristy thing, because it involved trees (my Achilles heel).

So, for a package which included a “canopy” ride, a funicular ride, and the “super man” ride, we paid just  about $12USD each.  They strap you in harnesses and give you a hard hat at the start, and then you have a 3-part “canopy” ride first, which has you sitting in a seat, legs dangling in mid-air and you ride through the canopy of the forest.  The funicular ride is what you think, sitting down in a small cable car and riding up into the hill sides through the trees.  The “super man” has you laid out flat, in mock imitation of flying like Superman and you zip backwards and then forwards through the canopy of the forest for about a total of 60 seconds.  We enjoyed ourselves, and we were somewhat the celebrity duo among the rest of the Filipino tourists in line, one even asked to take a picture with us.

After that we walked around a market that sold everything under the sun: tomatoes and rice to electronics and clothing.  It was a buzzing place too.

We called it an early night as we were to take a early EARLY morning bus on Saturday.


We took a 0500 bus from Baguio to Olongapo, getting to Olongapo around 1130.  We then walked to our accommodations, dropped our bags, and headed out to catch a jeepney into Subic.  So I at last got to ride the infamous jeepneys!  They are quite the colorful surprise, each seeming (as my dad put it) to have its own DNA.  The jeepneys are creations from US Military jeeps left here after WWII and many have been spray painted and designed with a wide variety of themes: Jurrasic Park, to Xmen, to “California Dreaming.”  Think a jeep meets a school bus, and you are about there.  You climb into the back, sit in a bench-style seat facing your companion riders, knee-to-knee and pay a small fee and get out on the stop you wish.  Just ask the driver if it is headed where you want or they will direct you to a different one to catch.  Often the name of the destination will be painted on the outside somewhere.

Anyways, a short Jeepney rice and then we walked over a bridge to Subic Bay.  Dad lived in Olongapo and worked in Subic over 30 years ago, so today was a walk down memory lane, going past some of his old haunts, and his old home, him noting all the ways the place has changed over the decades.

Sunday - Monday
We spent the final two days in Manila, doing a little unplanned sight seeing, no concrete plans.  We met a really kind cab driver who acted tour guide for us.  It is a HUGE city.  It has been a wonderful time traveling with Dad, and I have been so thankful for the time (and Mom being willing to keep up the home front in our absence).  Just 16 hours of travel home and will land home an hour after we take off.  Do love me some time traveling...

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